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Planned DOBI System Configuration 



Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging (DOBI
) System


Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging (DOBI) system is a user friendly device for guiding a biopsy recommendation.  Unlike x-ray mammography, the DOBI system utilizes non ionizing red light as the examination methodology. Rather than applying high pressures via a hard plate, the DOBI system applies a lower and uniformly distributed pressure via a gently inflated soft-membrane breast holder. With low costs of instrumentation and routine operation, the DOBI system has the potential of providing affordable and highly effective diagnostic solutions to the US healthcare system and eventually to millions of women worldwide.

In a DOBI scan, the dynamic physiologic responses of the breast are effected by a small pressure stimulus. The pressure of the soft holder and the illumination are automatically controlled by an independently programmed embedded microprocessor. Pressure level in the soft breast holder is continuously monitored and accurately maintained by a sensor integrated feedback subsystem. High repeatability of system performance is supported by synchronized executions of pneumatic, illumination, and data acquisition subsystems. Fault tolerant communication commands are exchanged between the computer and the embedded control unit for both system control and status feedback. The operation protocols are built on Windows based graphics interface, and are user friendly. Data acquisition of the system is attained by a high sensitivity digital camera, which possesses high gain, low readout noise, and high dynamic range.

In 1998, the DOBI system successfully passed electrical, mechanical, as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests performed by independent laboratories in accordance with US, European, and Canadian standards. Today, the DOBI system is a diagnostic instrument with UL, CE, and CUL registration marks.


Investigational Device:
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